Violen en altviolen / Scott Cao studieviool 4/4

Scott Cao studieviool 4/4

4/4 studieviool Scott Cao


5,000 KG

Standaard levertijd

max. 5 dagen

€ 372,00 *
Prijs per 1



4/4 viool outfit (= viool + boog + koffer), stemsleutels en toets van ebbenhout, kinsteun van ebbenhout, snarenhouder met 4 ingebouwde fijnstemmers, boog van brasilhout, stalen snaren, volledig speelklaar.
Volledig gebouwd van massief hout : esdoorn voor de rug, zijranden en de nek met de krul, vurenhout voor het bovenblad  en ebbenhout voor de toets en de stemsleutels.

Violin outfit, 4/4, ebony fingerboard, ebony fitting, case and bow, setup included
This Student series violin outfit was created for young and adult students with high expectations but with a limited budget. The expertise of the Scott Cao factory workers gives to this beginner outfit a unique value for money with a well fitted instrument, consisting of:
• Ebony pegs • Ebony fingerboard • Well fitted bridge • Ebony chinrest • Finetuners tailpiece • Steel strings • Combination of quality woods
• A light weight foam case • Beginner quality bow

All STV150 violins are made from top quality woods with flamed maple back and sides, a spruce top and a maple neck.
They are finished with a shaded varnish with a light mat finish which also can be very easily polished to give a glossy finish to the instrument.
The provided styrofoam case is ideal to transport and protect the instrument against changes in temperature and humidity.


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